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Dr Dennis Ayon

“I knew something was wrong because I had no energy.  I saw two doctors who did not find anything.  The third doctor I saw was Dr. Dennis Ayon.

Dr. Dennis Ayon listened closely to me.  He found I had jaundice.  He ordered blood tests, x-rays and MRI.  Dr Dennis Ayon found that there was something blocking the liver and pancreas. It turned out to be a tumor.  It was removed before it spread and I haven’t had any more problems.  I give Dr Dennis Ayon and his team my commendation for the early diagnosis.”  FC, CEO


Dr Dennis Ayon Patient Testamonials

“Dr. Dennis Ayon saved my life twice!  Once was a weekend when everything is closed.  Still when Dr Dennis Ayon received my critical lab results, he called to inform me that I had lost half my blood and needed to go straight to the nearest emergency department for a blood transfusion. Dr Dennis Ayon went the extra mile and set this up so when I arrived they could start much needed blood transfusion immediately.  The second time was when some quack prescribed me dangerously high dose of that poison methadone.  Dr Dennis Ayon has an understanding about tolerance and Dr Dennis Ayon successfully weaned me off the methadone.  I’m grateful to be alive thanks to Dr Dennis Ayon ”  pc

“I had developed painful stomach and digestive problems.  I begged a Bacho doc for help, but he slammed the phone and hung up on me.

“Then to my amazement Dr Dennis Ayon saw me the same day with no appointment, just a walk-in. Dr Dennis Ayon was willing to listen.  He had alot of patients, but he still gave me the time.  From then on Dr Dennis Ayon was willing to try different medications and treatments.  Treatments that got me better.  Hawaii needs more good doctors like Dr Dennis Ayon ”  rm