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Confronting the controversy

In short, and this is already my humble opinion, the above link is an AP report about parents who choose to attenuate their severely, mentally and physically disabled child’s growth. They are also able to consent for a hysterectomy and breast bud removal, ostensibly to improve their daughter’s life.

​This is instructive on many levels, including process per se in which they seek the opinions of a so-called ethics panel.

My take away as an internist, it is akin to providing for a severely affected patient with Alzheimer’s dementia. In the final stages when decision capacity is nil, the family’s needs supersede.

I find this case illustrative of the power of parental urges.  Jenn and Mark get satisfaction globetrotting; they project it onto their daughter Charley, and stunt her growth and she can travel with them.  The hysterectomy and breast bud-ectomy are on the basis that Mom, Jenn suffered severe PMS.  I find this extrapolation to be in good faith, consistent with the golden rule.

As Jenn told a doc who said s/he could never do such procedures to his/her own, “Well you’re lucky you never had to make the decision for yourself.”

That’s all for now, just be grateful for what one has and “judge not lest ye be judged.”


Nobel Prize in medicine

The Nobel prize for medicine was awarded today to three pioneers for their parasite-fighting discoveries in the 70’s and 80’s.  (link below)

It is interesting that a traditional Chinese medicine was the inspiration for a malaria treatment. And, a treatment for the crusted scabies and other parasites, Stromectol, comes from natural product of certain germs.