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King vs President

The donald got where he is by electoral voting, and the term is limited. So get off your high horse RNC. No wonder these hacks lost the popular vote. From the moment it originated, Reinse’s tweet was political. The donald probably put him up to it. Spicer’s ignorance of the constitution is clear too. This is still a free country, America.

King vs President


Beyond a reasonable doubt, the fading right of due process

Giving it credence this is in response to the article below.  As ‘influential person’ is an indirect way of saying ‘underworld mob boss’, ‘government’ is a euphemism for ‘organized-crime’. Nixon, Clintons, Blagojevich…they are legion.

atty gen nominee, angry guy

Lambasting the donald

This is in response to the article below. The Atlantic opinion is pathetic. For the donald, divide and conquer has been the plan all along. With the United States people divided, he assumes power. Lambasting him is an exercise in futility. The donald craves more, more, more money and power; it’s never enough. Being a uniter would be antithetical to the donald’s needs; he’s not going to unite folks. He was brazen about what kind of man he is during the campaign. The Atlantic needs to get some respect in its act. Ranting is not going to stop the snake from biting.

Atlantic, trump and reconciliation


“Wrongfully arrested, incarcerated and maliciously prosecuted…denied constitutional rights and racketeering.”  That sure sounds like much of the Honolulu Police Department and the prosecutor’s office.  There’s also a judge who looked the other way allowing it.  It’s gotten rampant.  The system isn’t about justice. What goes around comes around is the real justice. (Quote from Honolulu Star-Advertiser, December 15, 2016. link below)