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A finite universe: Accepting an End

Take-away from the story linked below:

A guy, played by charlie sheen, wakes up facing with his own mortality,  “…death, someday that’ll be mine…” He is uneasy with his hideous insight. Conjuring a god and a life after death, he opts to deny.  With the truth still in his face, he projects it  onto a trump-shadow. Sorry charlie, it is what it is and that’s finite.

Then, the story itself, closes trying to change the subject.

Finite Universe


Drones droning -It’s simply wearisome

Impression after reading the link below- it’s Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  Each one is simply one side of the same old inauthentic coin.  It’s simply wearisome.  The sad part is they want to be taken seriously.


Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Family things + Government overreach

In reference to the link below, this disproportionate tragedy, began as a reported violation of a court ordered protective order. The mug shot abates the skin tone/race factor, but it distracts from the essence. Folks need to solve their own problems.

From poetic justice to summary killing by the state, the USA Today story stokes the flames. Just following the money, USA Today belongs to Gannett Company, and Gannett Company is publicly traded.  The heart of the media is beholden to Wall street.

Family things + Government overreach