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Brave New World Dystopia

Frightening, Brave New World! This invalid’s crime is cruelty and lack of empathy.

dystopia-Brave New World


Kinda fake news

kinda fake news


Whaaat, “…criminal indigent status?” So, being indigent is criminal or a convict is indigent. Nevertheless, may suffering family find peace.

Hard to believe, but that’s a straight quote from big media publication.  Sensational but not reliable.

Fake News


“…second violent incident that reportedly involved road rage in Honolulu in less than a year.” honolulu star advertiser 3/5/2017

This is fake news. With the statements “second violent incident” and “road rage,” the report is sensationalized editorially.  The cops only give an approximate time and place, two drivers, and an argument that was possibly traffic-related. The referenced “second case” has no direct relation.  Moreover it hasn’t even gone to trial. Eyewitness reports have poor reliability.   As always, the “trial by media” doesn’t give credence to due process or innocence until proven guilty. Lousy news report.  Hey you, powers that be, try something new, publish real news.  Also, with your slight to due process, you’re welcome to borrow my copy of the U.S. Constitution.  You are supposed to be responsible in this town.