AYONMD-Ideas and Opinions “The brutal truth”

Father knows best, but he was considered brutal with his truth.  Many times his scholarly brother and chums told him he was intimidating, but he just didn’t get it.

For example, his young son stated, “Auntie head butted me [unintended ache] when she hugged me.” Father coolly stated, “That’s just the spinster way;” yet, this was about the one whom in the last sentence he stated, “She’s a dear angel.”

To some folks this made Father a brutal sexist. Yet to him, spinster was without its old-English coloring. It was merely his gestalt for one who happened to be a female with no children, never married or intimate, and the hug was just klutzy.

The same was so when  he was asking about the executive board.  The highly regarded group clearly erred.  He asked, “Do they know what they’re doing?”  Some took it as being rude.  Now Father just says, “I’m just calling a spade, a spade.”


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